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LED Is Good

Rising energy costs and climate change make it more important than ever to save energy. If you choose more energy-efficient light bulbs you can reduce your power consumption, energy costs and CO2 emissions (carbon footprint) considerably. LED Light Bulbs (light-emitting diodes) have come a long way since their invention in 1962. You can replace a 75 -100 watt incandescent bulbs with equivalent light output and use only 3-13 watts. LED bulbs have never been easier to buy.

The most significant advantage of LED light bulbs over conventional light bulbs are LED bulbs last upwards of 50,000 hours, so for example; if you buy a LED light bulb today and leave it on for 8 hours a day you will not need to change that bulb for more than 10 years! LED bulbs are very efficient and use very little electricity, so you will see an immediate decrease in your electric bill by using LED bulbs. If you use a 7 watt LED bulb (60 watt equivalent)) the cost will be approximately $2.00 a year if left 8 hours a day, on the other hand, an incandescent light bulb will cost you about $20.00 a year and you will need to replace 2-3times a year. Just think how much you can save by switching to LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs run cool to the touch, and contain no mercury or hazardous substances like CFL's. Empire Supplies makes the switch easy by offering you lamp replacements for landscape lighting, your home or business lighting needs.

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