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Focus Landscape Lighting Seminar


   The contractors that attended the seminar gained a lot of information on the benefits of installing LED landscape lighting.These guys heard it firsthand what the FOCUS experts had to say and were truly convinced that this is the way going forward in the industry. This technology is environmentally friendly, cost effective and easy to install. Whether retrofitting an existing system with LED lamps or installing a new landscape lighting system with LED fixtures, the possibilities are endless. If you can appreciate less labor, less wire, less expensive wire(no 10/2 is required!) and a much less expensive transformer where voltage drop is no longer an issue.....need we say more? LED's are rated on the total wattage consumed (LEDS + driver) so there is no need for a complicated mathematical equation to figure out what size transformer to use. Adding more fixtures to an existing system is as easy as swopping out halogen lamps to LED lamps & then adding new fixtures on same or new run. So now the answer is always, yes we can do that! Without the expense of adding another transformer. Stop by anytime and we'll be glad to enlighten you with the "LED ADVANTAGE".   


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