Tiki Torch Series


The NEW from Focus Tiki Torch Series has unfinished Acid Rust (-CAR) Acid Verde (-CAV) Blak Acid (-BAT)

  Tiki Torch Series Landscape Lighting NEW from Focus

Tiki Torch Series



Unfinished Acid Rust (-CAR) Acid Verde (-CAV) Blak Acid (-BAT)

CONSTRUCTION: Spun copper, 18 ga. (.043 thickness)

Hammered surface on hat available on -HH models

Gas Usage AL-18LG-NG-COP: (Natural Gas) Uses 23,404 BTU’s per hour at a 7” water column

Gas Usage AL-18LG-P-COP: (Propane Gas) Uses 18,585 BTU’s per hour at a 11” water column

Installation: Adapter 1” brass adapter has standard female pipe threads

for connection to a 1” (NPT) male pipe thread

Valve: 1” brass shut-off valve included

Ignition: Manual ignition with extended lighter

Listing: ETL design certified

Always check with local codes prior to installation

FINISH: Unfinished copper

Optional finishes available in Acid Rust (-CAR), Acid Verde (-CAV), Black Acid Treatment (-BAT)